About AGC Franchise

Arpit Gupta Classes provides specialized training and online classes in Direct & Indirect Taxes to students undergoing the Chartered Accountancy course at IPCC & Final level. The objective of satellite classes is to help CA-IPCC & FINAL students to get the advanced and personalized coaching from experienced & acclaimed faculties and free online classes for CA, at their home town and at a lower cost. Since the alternative for the students would be to get out of their town to take face to face classes from the same faculty, which may pose to higher cost as well as many other difficulties to the students. The coaching imparted is very detailed and practical life situation based. The conceptual explanations are supported by contemporary problems picked up from examinations held not only in India but around the world. The set of question not only covers the past papers but also the problems which peep into the future. Also, the coaching is very systematic, well planned and absolutely time bound. All the faculties at Arpit Gupta Classes are well qualified, expert and have specialized domain knowledge in their subject of teaching. you can download our free video lectures. We are inviting the interested person to become a partner with us in the journey of growth and prosperity. Please apply to get the franchise of ARPIT GUPTA CLASSES. Our Business Development Officer (BDO) will get in touch with you very soon. To talk directly with our BDO, feel free to call 07080116699, 08604664820


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